Michael Jordan

PGA Tour star admits 'embarrassing' defeat to Michael Jordan in recent golf match

The lore of Michael Jordan is never-ending

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Xander Schauffele learned the hard way what everyone else on planet Earth already knew: Do not add fuel to Michael Jordan's fire.

Schauffele, who won the most recent major at the PGA Championship last month, was in the middle of a practice round for the Memorial Tournament last week when former PGA golfer Cole Knost asked Schauffele if he's ever played a round of golf with the NBA legend. He said he had.

"It's really hard to talk s--- to him," Knost said.

Schauffele agreed and said he gave Jordan his "best version" of trash talk.

"And then he beat me," Schauffele said. "Straight up, which is embarrassing."

A shocked Knost asked him to elaborate.

"In the last three holes, yeah," Schauffele said. "I pancaked him on his stroke holes, and I started talking s--- to him. He got all quiet and focused, and then he birdied, like, 15-16, no strokes."

Schauffele, 30, is an eight-time PGA Tour winner and Olympic gold-medalist. He captured the 2024 PGA Championship for his first major title on May 19 in Louisville Kentucky.

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