Cody Bellinger appreciates hitting behind solid hitters


Cody Bellinger has used his bat in the meat of batting orders he's been a part of for the majority of his career. 

With the Cubs, he's rocked the No. 4 and 6 spots in the batting order through five games with his new team. Over his career, he's played the majority of his games (345) in the fourth spot, one of the clean-up spots. He's played 91 games in the sixth spot in the order, the next-highest game total. 

This season, he's hitting behind Nico Hoerner, Dansby Swanson and Ian Happ. The three are hitting .292, .500 and .438 from the plate already this season. For that, Bellinger is grateful he's batting behind sluggers and giving the team chances to score, even if it hasn't translated exactly in his favor yet this season. 

"It really just simplifies the game," Bellinger said. "There's an opportunity to get the job done. There's no one on base it's just you. If there are guys on base, the moment is bigger than you and you want to get the job done for the team."

Bellinger is slashing .200/.304/.350 from the plate this season. He has four hits and five RBIs thus far, far off the number he could have with the trio above him finding the bases with ease. Nevertheless, he's excited he has the opportunity to drive in runs and hit behind talented hitters. 

"They've been unbelievable and it's been a really fun start."

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