Cubs considered the favorites to sign Bryce Harper


The dream of Bryce Harper playing for the Cubs may be more real than people imagined, as oddsmaker Bovada currently has the Cubs listed as the favorites to sign the Nationals superstar. 

With a 3/2 odds, the Cubs are heavy favorites to sign Harper, and with Harper and Kris Bryant's relationship on top of the Cubs being one of the most consistent teams in the National League over the last half-decade it's easy to see why Harper in Chicago makes sense. 

What doesn't make sense, however, is how many fans said they'd prefer the Cubs to pass on Harper back in August, however that might all change when fans see Harper do things only Bryce Harper can. And for anyone who thinks the defense would drop with Harper in right field and moving Jason Heyward to center field clearly hasn't watched enough Harper defensive highlights.

Oh, and he's hit 34 home runs in what's been considered a "down year" for Harper's standards. But sure, pretend seeing these two and Rizzo in the same clubhouse won't be fun. 

Cubs should be all in on Harper, as will the rest of Major League Baseball, and while having the best odds is great the Cubs will have to be prepared to pay Harper a massive chunk of change - his contract is expected to break MLB contract records. And it'd be worth every penny. 

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