Cubs' Craig Kimbrel has idea for socially distant celebrations: foot taps


One of Major League Baseball's health and safety protocols for 2020 is the banning of players/staff high fiving, a habit ingrained into sports celebrations that will be difficult for players to forget.

As the Cubs closer, Craig Kimbrel pitches almost exclusively in big moments. When his outings end in a save, he meets his catcher near the pitcher's mound to embrace after closing off a victory.

How will Kimbrel and his teammates celebrate at any point in a game this season with the protocols in place? The 32-year-old has some ideas.

"Maybe we all need to have gloves in our back pocket or something," Kimbrel said. "We can pull them out, high five, put them back in."

Kimbrel's other idea is pure genius.

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"Maybe we'll do something with our feet," he said. "I don't think there's anything about hitting each other's feet, so we're not doing high fives, maybe we're doing foot taps or something."

Foot taps! Players can stay several feet apart and make contact with their cleats, not needing to wash their hands after. It's different and will probably look funny, but this season is different.

Bring on the foot taps.


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