Cubs employees take pay cuts: How cost-saving measures compare across MLB


Cubs employees aren’t immune to the financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday NBC Sports Chicago confirmed that Cubs employees will take pay cuts but are guaranteed employment through at least the end of June. Major League Baseball’s return that month could allow the team to avoid furloughs, which other teams such as the Reds, Angels and both Florida clubs have already begun to implement. ESPN was the first to report Cubs pay cuts.

On May 1, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred suspended uniform employee contracts, thus allowing teams to make pay cuts or furlough its UEC employees, such as general managers, team presidents, managers and coaches.

The Cubs are among those who have taken advantage of the emergency change, according to sources. The depth of the cuts range based on salary levels, with the highest-ranking executives, such as President of Business Operations Crane Kenney and President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein, taking the largest cuts. A majority of pay cuts will be under 20 percent.

Other teams have resorted to more drastic cost-saving efforts. The Rays began furloughing employees earlier this month.

Several other teams, including the Marlins, Reds and Angels will reportedly begin furloughs on June 1. The Marlins plan to furlough 90-100 members of its baseball operations staff, according to The Athletic. The Reds announced last week that under 25 percent of its employees would be placed on temporary furloughs. The Angels reportedly informed their employees on Tuesday that furloughs would impact employees across the front office, analytics and scouting departments, and minor leagues.

Gordon Wittenmyer contributed to the reporting of this story.

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