Cubs' Jed Hoyer on David Ross: ‘He's done a great job'


Cubs manager David Ross is taking increasing heat from the Wrigley faithful and Cubs twitter for roster problems caused by his bosses as a season already headed nowhere free-falls toward the trade deadline.

But he’s not taking any heat from above. And he’s not going anywhere anytime soon to hear Cubs president Jed Hoyer talk about him.

“He’s done a great job,” said Hoyer, who signed Ross to a two-year extension through 2024 before the season started (with a club option for 2025). “Every conversation we have is how to make guys better, so I don’t see any issues with him whatsoever.”

Ross, who navigated the COVID-19 season in his first year as a manager to win a 2020 division title and finish as the only team without a player testing positive, has been handed rosters with decreasing payroll and talent since then as the Cubs have slashed and jettisoned core players.

“It’s difficult,” Hoyer said. “Some of the matchup stuff that we had planned out or some of the platoons or some of the things we had hoped for haven’t materialized. So at times he’s not given the matchups that he would want or things haven’t lined up the way we probably planned. And so we’ve been playing with a short bench a lot of times because of injuries, or our pen’s been tired and so he’s had to stay away from guys.

“Those are the things that understandably fans don’t always know, like who’s down, who’s injured, who’s available, who’s not,” Hoyer added. “I know those things. So I know the various constraints he’s had to work under because of our injuries and things like that.”

Left unsaid is the part about a roster Hoyer built to blow up again at the deadline, full of one-year placeholders, a few holdovers on deck for trades and two multiyear free agents (Marcus Stroman, Seiya Suzuki) who haven’t produced consistently and both of whom are on the injured list.

“All things considered, I think he’s done a great job,” Hoyer said of Ross. “He’s frustrated. I’m frustrated. We sit there at night and talk through it, but all the conversations are really productive.”

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