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Pete Crow-Armstrong finds a gap in the MLB rulebook with heads-up play (literally)

PCA used his helmet to safely reach second base. Is that legal?

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Pete Crow-Armstrong got savvy on the basepath during the Cubs-Mets game on Thursday, using his helmet to remain on second base and avoid a tagout.

Let the record show, there isn't a rule in the MLB rulebook that signifies whether or not this play is a violation that should've resulted Crow-Armstrong out.

SNY reporter Steve Gelbs said the same on the Mets' broadcast of the game. But he checked in with MLB, who said Crow-Armstrong should've been ruled OUT, even though there isn't a precise rule to address the play.

"I checked in with Major League Baseball and they said even though that specific issue is not written down anywhere, he should've been out and if the play was reviewed he would've been out," Gelbs said on SNY. "You cannot use equipment like that to gain an advantage. Otherwise, runners could use their helmets to extend their reach going into bags."

Crow-Armstrong knocked in a run from his double to second. But should he have been called out, the run still would've remained, since there were only two outs in the inning. Crow-Armstrong didn't score himself on the play, either.

Looks like a new rule will make its way into the MLB rulebook after the season.

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