Cubs' Schwindel responds to Colbert's gratuitous shot


Cubs first baseman Frank Schwindel responded to the gratuitous shot aimed at him by Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show."

Schwindel pitched during Sunday's 18-4 blowout loss to the Yankees and allowed a home run to Kyle Higashioka on a 35 mph pitch.

Colbert featured that moment on his show this week, saying, "I'm no baseball player, and neither apparently is Frank Schwindel."

"I didn't appreciate that one," Schwindel said Thursday. "I'd like to see him do it."

Position players obviously don't exert full effort when they take the mound to avoid risking injury. Schwindel also commonly throws the eephus, an intentionally high-arching pitch.

For what it's worth, he did touch 69 mph during a pitching appearance in Wednesday's blowout loss to the Padres.

He's made three pitching appearances this season, allowing four home runs.

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