Cubs value surpasses $4 billion for first time, per Forbes


Forbes released its list of the most valuable franchises in baseball, and the Cubs made some franchise history. Forbes valued the Cubs at $4.1 billion, putting them over the $4 billion threshold for the first time ever. That was an 8% change from 2022, when they were valued at $3.8 billion. The $4.1 billion valuation has the Cubs slotted as the fourth most valuable team in MLB, the same ranking they held last year.

Here’s how Forbes broke down the money for the Cubs:

–Market (city and market size): $1.897 billion (46.3% of total valuation)

–Stadium: $1.144 billion (27.9%)

–Sport (revenue sharing): $544 million (13.3%)

–Brand: $515 million (12.6%)

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The Cubs revenue was $451 million at the time of the valuation in 2023, up from $425 million in 2022, per Forbes. That gave the team $57 million in operating income, which was down from $63 million the year prior. That’s in part because the team’s player expenses rose slightly from $172 million in 2022 to $174 million this year.

The Ricketts family bought the Cubs in 2009 for $400 million.

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