Cubs' Yu Darvish has a weird party trick and it involves your blood type


Cubs’ pitcher Yu Darvish is even more talented than we realize. When he’s not throwing nine different types of pitches down at Wrigley, he can guess your blood type.

Yes, you read that correctly.

As Darvish has gotten more comfortable around the Cubs’ clubhouse, he’s revealed his hidden talent for guessing people’s blood types after having a conversation with them. Turns out, certain personality traits can be tells for different blood types. Who knew? Yu. 

"So, there is Type A. That person is organized. Type B isn't exactly selfish, but he goes his own way. Type O is laid back, a 'whatever happens' type of guy. AB is weird or different," Darvish explained to ESPN.

The only problem with this special talent is that most people don’t know their blood type off the top of their head. In Japan, where Darvish is from, it is more commonplace to have your blood type memorized. However, most of his teammates end up calling their families to confirm whether Darvish’s guess was correct.

"I almost gave my mother a heart attack," first baseman Anthony Rizzo said, whose own mother didn't even know his blood type. 

Apparently, Darvish has been doing this around the MLB for quite some time. 

"It all started during his free-agent year [2018], when we were meeting with teams," Darvish’s agent Joel Wolfe described to ESPN. "We were at one of his favorite spots in Dallas for dinner, after meeting with all these general managers and assistant general managers. All these new people for him. And he mentions something about one of them being Type A blood type. That struck me as odd. He says unusual things, sometimes, so I pressed him. And he said he could guess most people's blood type if he knows them. So, he guessed mine. I had to call my mom, but he got it right.”

“It's really about how they carry a conversation,” Darvish said, citing Kyle Hendricks as example of someone he had an easy time guessing. “I know Kyle because we have many conversations.”

It is fun to learn more about Darvish as he continues to open up and grow within the Cubs Clubhouse. In honor of Yu, we should all call our parents or doctors and ask them our blood type just in case we ever get the chance to talk to him. 

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