Harper wants the Phillies to sign former Cubs


Bryce Harper is looking for the Philadelphia Phillies to sign some former Chicago Cubs players.

Specifically, Harper would like the Phillies to sign Kyle Schwarber, Nick Castellanos, and good friend Kris Bryant.

“I think all three are winners,” Harper told the media, per CBS Philly. “I think they’ve proven that. Schwarber, of course, he won in Chicago, did a great job for the Red Sox last year, and the Nationals. He’s a winner as a player.

"KB can play everywhere, third base, first base, DH, left field. He’s a winner as well, and he’s done that. He’s come up in big spots, big situations. And then Nicky, I really enjoy him as a player, a good left fielder. He’d be a great middle-of-the-order bat for us.”

Harper noted that other players in the clubhouse would like to see winners come into the fold and cement a win now mindset.

Unfortunately for Harper, Bryant has been primarily linked to west coast teams, notably the Seattle Mariners and Colorado Rockies. Schwarber has had a hot market and Castellanos was linked to Miami, but that appears to have fallen apart.

Harper went so far as to say it would be a "downer" if the Phillies didn't sign one of those three players.

"We definitely need somebody who gives us the best chance to win," Harper noted. When you get a caliber player like that, it raises the energy in the clubhouse that much more, knowing your team is behind you, your organization is behind you and it gives you the best chance to win each night out there."

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