How one Cubs fan got selected to be a ring bearer for Wednesday's ring ceremony


There will be at least 20 ring bearers for Wednesday's ring ceremony at Wrigley Field to honor the World Series Champions.

Meet one of them, Bob O'Hara, who is a diehard Cubs fan. Over 1,500 videos were sent in to the Cubs explaining why they should be a ring bearer, and O'Hara was one of the lucky winners.

Nikki, Bob's wife, said that the video took them two hours to film, which you can see above. Bob said that he helped edit the video, which featured their four children doing their best job as to why their father should be presenting one of the rings.

It came to a surprise when Bob found out that he was a a winner, and how he found out was priceless.

Watch how it all unfolded in the video above.

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