Javier Baez stayed in full uniform for the ride back from D.C.


The Cubs were able to squeak out a 4-3 win over the Nationals Thursday afternoon while hurrying away from the ensuing weather coming for the East Coast. But despite the rather dangerous conditions, the Cubs were able to still have some fun - in particular, Javy Baez. 

Of course, Baez was also the hero Wednesday night, driving in three of the Cubs four runs, including a solo opposite-field shot to give the Cubs the lead in the 6th and then a perfectly-placed RBI bunt in the 10th to give the Cubs 4-3 lead and eventual win. 

So if anyone deserves some time to goof off, it's Javy who decided to pull an Anthony Rizzo and ride home in full uniform. Nothing wrong with a little fun, it is baseball after all. 

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