Javy Baez forced out of Cubs-Brewers after scary collision but insists he's OK


Exactly one year ago Friday, the Cubs were involved in a scary outfield collision in Game 3 when Kyle Schwarber wrecked his knee running into Dexter Fowler.

In 2017, that scary outfield collision came in Game 4 as Javy Baez and Jason Heyward smacked into each other in shallow center field but this time, the Cubs escaped without serious injury.

The two were going for a looping liner off the bat of Brewers centerfielder Hernan Perez in the bottom of the sixth inning. Neither player got a glove on the ball as Heyward's upper body banged into Baez's head/neck area.

The ball just ended up in "no-man's land," Heyward said. "Can't really call that one for either one of us because it's right in between.

"It was the worst possible spot for it to happen."

The Cubs ruled Baez out with a contusion above the left eye, but he insisted after the game he is OK and hopes to be back in Saturday's lineup.

Baez's eye was bloodshot after the game, but he said he has no issues with his vision and knows things could've ended up a lot worse.

"He got me really good, but good thing it wasn't the full elbow or the knee," he said. "It was really scary."

Baez joked he has all of his teeth still and said he and Heyward were laughing after the game about all the eye black that got on Heyward's uniform from Baez's face.

Cubs trainer P.J. Mainville checked out Baez on the field and in the clubhouse but the team didn't need to put him in concussion protocol. Joe Maddon opted for the cautious route and took Baez out despite his pleas to remain in the game.

Heyward stayed in the game and moved to right field. He said he didn't have any lasting effects from the collision but may be feeling it Saturday morning.

Of course, Baez — The Human Highlight — was most upset he or Heyward didn't catch the ball:

"I told [Heyward], 'Next time, make sure someone catches it.'"

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