Kyle Schwarber makes a surprise visit to 25th District Police Station


Kyle Schwarber made a surprise visit earlier Monday to the 25th District Police Station to meet with police officers and their families.

This is something that’s quite familiar to Schwarber, considering most of his family members have worked in the police force.

His father was a police officer for over 30 years, his mother was a police dispatcher, and his sister now works at the same police station as Schwarber’s dad once worked.

This visit is part of Schwarber’s Neighborhood Heroes campaign, which honors and assists first responders by providing essential tools and experiences that improve their quality of life and help them better serve their communities.  

Schwarber spoke to the Chicago Sun Times and what it meant to him coming back.

“To be able to come here, it brings back a lot of memories,” Schwarber said. “My dad would pick me up from school and I would go right to the police department. I’d hang out there for a couple hours, be a kid and see what it’s like [to be a police officer].”

“I know the toll and the grind that all of these people go through,” Schwarber said. “Not just the police officers themselves, but their families as well. This is just a big ‘thank you’ to them for their service. I just want to shed some light on all the good that these guys do.”

As part of the surprise, Schwarber signed autographs, took photos and presented the station with 25 Law Enforcement Medical and Rescue Training kits.

This is the second year of Schwarber’s campaign. He has also hosted multiple first responder groups at Wrigley Field, toured the 19th District with Lakeview police, brought goodies to veterans at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, visited firefighters at Engine 112 and hosted his inaugural fundraiser, Schwarber’s Block Party, to help Raise funds for first responders. He will host his Second Annual Schwarber’s Block Party Sunday, Aug. 26.

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