MLBPA rejects offer from MLB on international draft money


The MLB made an offer of $191 million in pool money to go towards the proposed international draft for countries outside of the U.S. and Canada and the MLBPA rejected the offer. 

The MLB Made an offer the day before the matter needed to be decided on and the MLBPA rejected it on the day of the day of the deadline. 

The MLBPA would like to see a pool of $260 million going to players taken from other countries such as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc. However, the official difference settles at $69 million. 

The concept of the international draft is to help serve a more organized way of getting international baseball players into the MLB. In countries like the Dominican Republic, kids are given verbal agreements with MLB ball clubs to be signed once they're of age. However, most of the time the kids are 16 years old or even as young as 12.

Thus, to help better secure their contracts, the young kids get trainers that usually recommend taking performance enhancing drugs to better their odds of being signed. 

Some current MLB players like Francisco Lindor and Wander Franco are against the international draft because they still believe the players are not receiving the correct compensation from the draft. Other players want the ill-advised scouting and training to come to an end for the younger kids and are pro-international draft. 

The two parties were set on having 20 rounds for the draft, but the pool money was way off. The matter was pushed off from the other bargaining agreements back in March and the two sides have met already

Since the two sides could not come to an agreement, the matter returns to status quo. Baseball will not discontinue because of the matter, even though it's a nonagreement from the lockout. 

This would have had effect on prospects like Chicago White Sox outfielder Oscar Colas, who is from Cuba, or, Chicago Cubs prospect Kevin Alcantara from the Dominican Republic. 

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