Move over David Bote, Victor Caratini may have the best bat-flip of the Cubs season


WASHINGTON — Have a day, kid.

Victor Caratini may be the only person at Nationals Park happy with the weather-induced doubleheader Saturday.

Especially when the Cubs had nothing to show for a 14-hour day at the ole ballpark but a pair of losses, first by a 10-3 score and then by a 6-5 deficit.

The Cubs rookie catcher was one of the few bright spots of the day.

As the Cubs were getting blown out in Game 1, Caratini was called upon to relieve Anthony Rizzo and promptly collected two hits off NL Cy Young candidate Max Scherzer. 

As an encore performance, Game 2 might've been dubbed "The Caratini Game" if the Cubs had held on to win.

After David Bote struck out with the bases loaded in the fourth inning (which is weird to see Bote not deliver a big hit against the Nats), Caratini came up and delivered in a huge way, hammering a two-out grand slam.

And the bat flip? Oh, the bat flip. 

How absolutely magical:

That's some Jose-Bautista-ALDS-Game 5-level bat-flipping.

No disrespect to Bote, but Caratini's bat-flip was just better.

You decide:

Caratini definitly wins for distance. I mean, look at how high/far he flipped this thing(the bat is the blur at the top of the screenshot):

Of all the people in the Cubs clubhouse, Caratini would've been one of the last guys I'd expect to see an epic bat flip from. He's so quiet and unassuming.

But that was a perfect way to celebrate his third career MLB dinger.

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