Quarantined off the coast of Argentina, two Cubs fans find Cardinals fans to banter with


Imagine going to a remote part of the world on a vacation when a pandemic starts to spread. Then imagine you’re stuck with some fans of your rival team.

OK, that second part might actually bring levity to an otherwise stressful situation, but that’s the reality for some Cubs and Cardinals fans. Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported the story of some Cubs and Cards fans who went on a trip to Antarctica, but are now struggling to get back home.

Cubs fans Dylan and Heather Sanderson went on the trip for their honeymoon. When the coronavirus outbreak hit, they were on a boat that took them from Argentina to Antarctica. They are now docked on the southernmost tip of South America and in quarantine off the coast of Argentina.

The Sandersons found some Cardinals fans on board during their isolation. The typical Cubs-Cards fans interactions became a welcome change of pace.

“The lighthearted banter has been a welcome break from everything going on with our situation,” Dylan Sanderson told Goold.

The Sandersons have booked flights home, but are concerned about travel logistics as more restrictions are put in place.

Regardless, this story shows that the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry stretches to the edge of the world, even in a pandemic.

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