Sammy Sosa has changed his appearance yet again and the internet is freaking out


Sammy Sosa made an appearance on ESPN earlier this week and the internet is freaking out:

The former Cubs icon has undergone some weird changes to his appearance in the years since he's retired from baseball, but this may be the strangest yet.

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Here's a before/after photo:

This is what Sosa looked like toward the beginning of his Cubs career in 1994:

Here are some of the best reactions to Sosa's new...look:

Sosa has been estranged from the Cubs for over a decade now and things don't appear to be getting closer for a reunion between him and the Wrigley faithful. In a February interview, Sosa compared himself to Jesus Christ and his ego does not appear to have taken a hit in recent years.

You can check out the entire interview with Slammin' Sammy here.

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