Sammy Sosa status update: Yep, he's officially entered the Upside Down


It's November, so now seems as good a time as any to check in on Sammy Sosa's status:


That's just a bad photo, right?


Life after baseball has not been very, very good to Sammy.

Sosa last made a notable round on social media back in July when he appeared as a...different shade...on ESPN:

It also appears as if there is a new photo entry for the "Neapolitan Sammy":

Was this London/Paris photo just a byproduct of a weird flash on the camera?

Is Slammin' Sammy just tryna look more like Bob the Brain from "Stranger Things 2"?

I'm afraid we'll never get actual answers to these questions. So let's just enjoy social media's reaction to Sosa's latest transformation:

This has been your latest Sammy Sosa update.

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