Sen. Durbin to MLB: ‘Unlock the lockout and play ball'


Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin pulled no punches reacting to MLB canceling more regular season games amid the league-implemented lockout. 

"Message to the owners: unlock the lockout and play ball," Durbin tweeted.

Durbin, a big Cubs fan who's served as an Illinois senator since 1997, also pledged to reconsider MLB's anti-trust exemption.

"Fans across America deserve better," Durbin's tweet also reads.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred canceled another week of games Wednesday after a two-day marathon of negotiations with the players union that did not lead to a new labor agreement.

The league's lockout is in its fourth month, and MLB has shown no willingness to lift it, as it would open the door for a players strike.

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All of April could be in jeopardy if the league and union don't reach an agreement in the next week.

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