Should Theo stick to sports? 6 ideas for post-Cubs career


The worst-kept secret — if it was a secret at all — during Theo Epstein’s nine years as team president of the Cubs has been that he never planned to stay beyond 10 years.

From the day he was introduced to Chicago media, he cited the Bill Walsh theory that coaches and executives need a change of scenery after about 10 years of shelf life. And when Epstein signed a five-year, $50 million extension that runs through 2021, the subject was raised again.

Now with NBC Sports Chicago’s David Kaplan reporting that Epstein will meet with ownership in the coming week to determine whether he wants to step down a year early, the next question becomes, well, what’s next for the future Hall of Fame baseball executive.

At 46, Epstein has entire career fields he might be in position to pursue as a next chapter. And these are just a few that could be in the mix:

Should Theo Epstein stick to sports? 6 ideas for post-Cubs career

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