Stroman: MLB ‘delaying season for no reason'


New Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman weighed in on the lack of progress in MLB labor negotiations in a series of tweets on Tuesday.

Stroman took a shot at commissioner Rob Manfred and the owners for "delaying the season for no reason." In another tweet, he expressed sympathy for the fans during this lockout and the likely delay to spring training and possibly the season.

At this point, the chance of spring training starting on time is remote at best, and the season is starting to look unlikely to start on time. The league and players union are far apart on key economic issues, and their latest meeting on Tuesday was reportedly "heated."

Multiple reports indicated little progress was made Tuesday, and there have been no reports of substantive progress. The two sides have met four times since the lockout started.

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Teams are scheduled to report to spring training in less than two weeks.

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