The Cubs may have broken the Cardinals announcers


As the St. Louis Cardinals endured their second straight loss to the Cubs Saturday afternoon, their broadcasters had a few hilarious moments.

Well, hilarious to Cubs fans, at least.

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First up, Tim McCarver and Dan McLaughlin were discussing Jon Lester's "yips" and how he never throws over to first base. This was as Cardinals outfielder Tommy Pham was dancing off first.

McCarver mentioned how it's all just posturing on the part of Lester as the Cubs ace stepped off the rubber and faked to first base.

"That's a trick," McCarver said. "He's not gonna throw to first base."

Two seconds later, Lester threw to first to nab Pham.

McCarver's follow up? "That's alright, it's worth it."


Later on in the game, McCarver and McLaughlin were discussing Kyle Schwarber's seventh-inning at-bat...and we all know how that ended.

Schwarber stroked a grand slam into the bleachers, giving the Cubs the lead for good.

And with that blast, the Cardinals TV duo went full Hawk, going silent for 52 seconds:

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