Comparing the White Sox schedule with the Guardians


The White Sox are in an intense battle for the AL Central division with the Cleveland Guardians. As of this writing, the Sox are 3.5 games back on the Guardians with a home series against them coming up on Tuesday. 

The club has a big opportunity to put a dent in the Guardians' division lead. Each Sox win over the Guardians this week narrows the gap and brings them closer to the lead. By the series end, the Sox could be within one game of the AL Central. 

Here's a look at each team's schedule after the midweek series. 

White Sox remaining schedule (after Guardians series):

9/20-22: vs. Cleveland Guardians
9/22-24: vs. Detroit Tigers
9/27-29: @ Minnesota Twins
9/30-10/2: @ San Diego Padres
10/3-5: vs. Minnesota Twins

Cleveland Guardians' remaining schedule:

9/19: vs. Minnesota Twins
9/20-22: @ Chicago White Sox
9/23-25: @ Texas Rangers
9/27-29: vs. Tampa Bay Rays
9/30-10/5: vs. Kansas City Royals

The White Sox' average win percentage amongst their remaining opponents -- based on their record as of this writing -- is 47.6 percent. Just under the .500 mark. 

For the Guardians, their remaining opponents combine for a 46.3 win percentage on the year. The percentages are equitable, but the Guardians are lucky enough to finish their schedule with six straight home games against the Royals, who have already been eliminated from the playoffs.

If the Sox want to earn the tiebreaker over the Guardians, they need to sweep them this week to put their head-to-head record above the Guardians. 

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