Crazy stats from Carlos Rodón's no-hitter


Carlos Rodón just threw a no-hitter, the 20th in White Sox history. And it was nearly a perfect game.

And while there's been over 300 no-hitters in Major League Baseball history, this one is special because of some crazy stats.

No-hitter with lone base-runner being HBP

For instance, Rodón lost a perfect game-bid by hitting a batter with two outs to go in the ninth inning. It's the sixth time a no-hitter has been thrown "in which a single batter reached base by way of a hit by pitch."

But what makes this special is Rodón did it not only in the same month as Joe Musgrove, it's the first-time it's happened twice in a year. Both would've been perfect games had it not been for that hit by pitch.

Second White Sox no-hitter without a walk

Only one other time in White Sox history has a pitcher thrown a no-hitter without giving up a walk. The other time was Joe Horlen on September 10, 1967.

No-hitters on April 14

Before Wednesday night, just one no-hitter had been thrown before on April 14. Eddie Cicotte threw one for the White Sox on April 14, 1917. These are the only two no-hitters on this date.

Another fun fact, two of the White Sox first three no-hitters were also thrown on the same date. On September 20, 1902, Nixey Callahan threw a no-hitter. Six years later to the day, Frank Smith threw a no-hitter in 1908.

And this date is the earliest no-hitter of the MLB season in White Sox history.

It's been nearly 20 years since Tony La Russa managed a no-hitter

La Russa came out of retirement to manage a White Sox team ready to contend for a World Series. And the last time he managed a pitcher who threw a no-hitter? September 3, 2001. Nearly 20 years ago.

The pitcher that day, Bud Smith.

Shortest interval between no-hitters in White Sox history

On August 25, 2020, Lucas Giolito threw a no-hitter. This makes it the shortest span between no-hitters in franchise history.

Only 3 players in lineup in both no-hitters

Less than a year ago, Giolito threw a no-hitter and the roster remains largely the same. That being said, only three players were in the line up for both games. José Abreu, Luis Robert and Yoan Moncada.

Rodón's fastball picked up velocity during the game

Over the course fo the game, Rodón's fastball picked up steam. His first pitch of the night was clocked at 92.4 MPH and his last was clocked at 97.5, over five MPH faster.

And he threw a lot of fastballs

Carlos Rodón threw 114 pitches, a perfect half of which were four-seam fastballs.

Rodón's no-hitter came in his 100th career MLB game

In his 100th game, Rodón was nearly perfect. It was his catcher Zack Collins' 16th game in the majors.

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