Fans react to premiere of Tim Anderson documentary


The first episode of Tim Anderson's five-episode documentary, "TA7: The Story of Tim Anderson", premiered on Tuesday and already has over 18,000 views.

In the first episode titled "Tim Tim The Point Guard", Anderson is remembered as a quiet and shy kid by his high school basketball coach Scott Suttles. From the infamous bat flip to the game-winning home run in the Field of Dreams game, it's hard to picture Anderson without his big-time personality.

Video clips from 2012 show Anderson introducing himself in front of cameras, most likely used for scouting purposes. He appeared less confident than the person Sox fans know today.

"I was different," Anderson said in episode one. "I liked playing videos games. I always wanted to be to myself. I always was shy and quiet. But I always loved sports. I always wanted to you know just be around sports to get away from other things that was going on in my life."

Anderson tweeted from his official account on Thursday asking people what they thought about the premiere of his documentary.

Here's what fans had to say about the episode:

Anderson said he started playing sports to stay off the streets in his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He said he played many sports until something stuck.

The youngest of five children, Anderson played baseball with his siblings using a tennis ball and also played basketball. He went on to attend Hillcrest High School and played both sports.

Suttles recalled seeing Anderson in the ninth and tenth grade trying to dunk a basketball. He wondered if Anderson was actually serious about playing at the time.

"We've got to find out about that young man," Suttles said. "He's going to have to start playing basketball up here."

Anderson did play for Hillcrest and eventually suffered two broken leg injuries. He didn't want to play sports after that.

In his senior year, Suttles had an inspirational talk with Anderson.

"I sat him down and said look, it's your senior year and I need you to be the leader of this team. This team has a chance to be special."

Anderson returned to the court and helped carry his team in two regional games during the 2010-11 season, taking more risks and making more shots as his coach requested.

Hillcrest made it to the AHSAA Class 6A championship where the team was down 50-49 with 2:35 remaining. Hillcrest scored the last five points with Anderson getting the assist on the winning layup. He finished the game with 14 points.

"That wasn't set up by the coach," Suttles said. "That was just Tim making a play.

"Big time players make big time plays, and he just did that for us."

And Tim Anderson is a big time player.

The second episode of Anderson's documentary will air next Tuesday, March 29 on the Chicago White Sox' official YouTube channel.

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