How many MLB games were canceled due to the 2022 lockout?


At long last, the 2022 MLB lockout has come to an end. 

The entire 162-game season will be played and Opening Day will take place on April 7. The tentative schedule for spring training will begin on March 13 and free agency is expected to open Thursday night.

But this came after weeks of deliberation and cancellations. 

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred announced on March 1 that he had canceled the first two series for each team to start the 2022 season. On March 9, the league erased two more series, postponing Opening Day until April 14. However, on March 10, the lockout concluded as MLB and the MLBPA agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement. 

Opening Day is now set for April 7, exactly one week after it was originally scheduled. But with a later start, how will the league execute a full season?

Here’s a breakdown of the games that were on the verge of being lost to the lockout:

How many games were going to be canceled by the MLB lockout?

Despite the 99-day lockout and announcements from the league canceling matchups, no games will be missed in 2022. 

This would have been the first time in 27 years that the league has canceled games due to a labor dispute. The three prior work stoppages that cut into the schedule cost MLB 86, 713 and 938 games, respectively. 

With MLB’s announcement on Wednesday, 184 games had been removed from the schedule over the first four series of the season.

How will MLB fit a 162-game schedule after delaying Opening Day?

The games from the first four series for each team will be rescheduled. Those makeup games will be played as part of nine-inning doubleheaders, a departure from seven-inning doubleheaders used over the last two seasons.

How many games were removed from each team’s schedule during the MLB lockout?

Each team had between 11 and 14 games over their first four series on their original schedules. Here’s a team-by-team breakdown:

Arizona Diamondbacks: 12

Atlanta Braves: 13

Baltimore Orioles: 12

Boston Red Sox: 12

Chicago White Sox: 12

Chicago Cubs: 11

Cincinnati Reds: 12

Cleveland Guardians: 12

Colorado Rockies: 11

Detroit Tigers: 13

Houston Astros: 12

Kansas City Royals: 12

Los Angeles Angels: 12

Los Angeles Dodgers: 12

Miami Marlins: 12

Milwaukee Brewers: 13

Minnesota Twins: 12

New York Mets: 12

New York Yankees: 14

Oakland A's: 14

Philadelphia Phillies: 11

Pittsburgh Pirates: 12

San Diego Padres: 13

San Francisco Giants: 13

Seattle Mariners: 13

St. Louis Cardinals: 11

Tampa Bay Rays: 13

Texas Rangers: 12

Toronto Blue Jays: 13

Washington Nationals: 12

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