South Side Mailbag: 2022 Season Post Mortem


The 2022 baseball season is coming to a close, and for all intents and purposes, it's already come to an end for the White Sox. After a whirlwind offseason where it was unclear if we would even have baseball in 2022, the Chicago White Sox came into the season with huge expectations and ended it being one of the more disappointing stories in the sport.

Recently, a handful of Sox On 35th contributors looked back on the 2022 Chicago White Sox and gave their thoughts on the season as a whole.

What Are Your Thoughts on the 2022 Season Overall?

Jordan Lazowski | Editor-In-Chief

It's a season in which the team did not make the playoffs in the middle of a proclaimed contention window. Because of that, it's a failed season, and there's no real way around that fact. The distractions off the field were aplenty, and the quality of play on the field didn't even match the flawed, but more successful, team in 2021. Honestly, though, there's too much work to do for 2023 for the front office to sit and dwell on this season too much.

Adam Kaplan | Senior Contributor

This past season is probably the most disappointed and frustrated I have ever been as a White Sox fan. 2006 was annoying, but at least the offense showed up for much of the season and the club won 90 games. 2015 is also in contention for most aggravating, but the reason this season has been even worse of a letdown was that "The Rebuild" was supposed to be different. Fans had seen the White Sox try and fail before, but the organization was finally going to win the right way. The way we had seen the Chicago Cubs recently succeed at doing. We suffered through 4+ years of a purposefully bad product on the field, only to end up with this?! Just devastating.

Justin Salgado | Contributor

To sum up the season in two words: wasted potential. The Sox threw a season down the drain in what was supposed to be a competitive window. A lack of urgency, poor fundamentals, and a boatload of injuries were the Sox undoing this year. The Sox are undoubtedly baseball’s biggest disappointment in 2022, and now enter an offseason full of uncertainty.

Nico Andrade | Contributor

It was a complete disappointment. The Sox stumbled out of the gate, but no one could have imagined that come September they'd be fighting for second place in the AL Central, on the outside looking in. It was a disappointment, to say the least.

Thatcher Zalewski | Contributor

The 2022 White Sox season was very disappointing. A team that came into the year with World Series aspirations is going to miss the playoffs. This year for the White Sox was the definition of underwhelming. The team could never seem to right the ship when it came to overcoming obstacles. After a first-round exit in 2021, you’d assume the team would come out hungrier the following season to avenge that playoff loss. However, that wasn’t the case for the White Sox this year.

Duke Coughlin | Contributor

Disappointing, but in hindsight, not all that surprising. This team showed glaring flaws in 2021 that a good majority of us chose to ignore and almost all of them came back to bite the Sox in the worst way imaginable. Injuries, lack of power, lack of depth, questionable bullpen management, and no true fifth starter to start the season made the slow start nearly insurmountable.

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