Sox pause Jiménez' rehab with ‘normal leg soreness'


The White Sox are pausing Eloy Jiménez’ rehab assignment with the Charlotte Knights, after he experienced “normal leg soreness.”

White Sox GM Rick Hahn said on Thursday that Jiménez will sit for at least five days before restarting his rehab assignment, and restarting his 20-day rehab clock. Hahn reiterated this isn’t a setback for Jiménez. In fact, Hahn told reporters that Lance Lynn and Yasmani Grandal experienced similar symptoms as they recovered from their own surgeries.

“It's not a new injury,” Hahn said. “It’s not a reaggravation. It’s part of the process. It’s part of the process that is slowing us down a little bit. It should not have any long term effect on him other than slowing his return to Chicago.”

What it could, hypothetically affect, is Jiménez’ need for extra rest, especially early only in his return to the big leagues.

“We expect that he's going to feel this, from time to time, over the course of the remainder of this season,” Hahn said. “But over time, it should not cost him extra time, once active. This isn't the kind of thing we foresee flaring up and, 'OK, we've got to sit Eloy for five days.' This is more a matter of, not to venture too far out of my lane, but as the scar tissue breaks, those become a little bit fewer and farther between over time. And the early ones are sort of more significant in terms of how they feel and how the player reacts.”

Jiménez tore his hamstring back on April 23rd. Up to that point he was slashing .222/.256/.333 with one home run and seven RBI.

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