TA ejected as Sox express frustration with Angel Hernandez


Angel Hernandez wasn't a popular man on White Sox Twitter on Tuesday night. And the feeling was shared in the White Sox dugout at Progressive Field.

The umpire has a reputation, especially with White Sox fans — and White Sox announcers; "and that's another blown call!" — and it did not get any better Tuesday night, as he made a habit of controversial ball and strike calls behind home plate.

As fans fumed on social media, the White Sox weren't any happier in Cleveland, and they could be heard logging their own complaints throughout the game.

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Tensions finally reached their height in the top of the 10th inning.

Luis Robert struck out to lead off the frame, a sequence that included another controversial call by Hernandez, who also did not appeal to first base when Robert went down on a check swing. Tim Anderson shouted his displeasure with Hernandez from the dugout and was ejected.

"He just turned around, he heard Timmy talking," manager Rick Renteria explained after the game. "He was already into the game and continued to, I guess, keep his ears open to whatever was going on in the dugout, as opposed to just staying on to the field.

"He ejected him. ... I had to go out there and talk to him a little bit."

Talk he did, and Renteria was also tossed after making some comments of his own. Renteria's ejection was his second in as many nights.

The White Sox hadn't had anyone ejected from a game this season prior to Monday's series-opener in Cleveland. They've had three men tossed in the first two games of this four-game set.

"I think you kind of saw the outcome of the frustration," Renteria said. "We were disappointed with some of the calls that we thought were occurring. And that's it."

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