Tim Anderson focused on positive energy for 2023 season


The 2022 season did not go as planned for the Chicago White Sox.

They entered the campaign as AL Central favorites, looking for a third consecutive postseason appearance. But the season never really took off and ultimately, the White Sox missed out the playoffs altogether.

"It was one of those seasons," shortstop Tim Anderson told Chuck Garfien on the White Sox Talk podcast. "Everybody has a bad season. Bad day. Bad year. It was just one of those things, things weren't going the right way."

The team hovered within a couple of games of .500 most of the season, usually on the lower side. But they salvaged an 81-81 record. And frustration from fans and media brewed into a lot of negative energy and deserved criticism.

Anderson noted the team heard it all and wants more positive energy from all corners of the White Sox landscape. And that includes within and from the players, noting he was "pissed" about the 2022 season.

"There's a lot of room to grow and just a lot of confusion, a lot of people pulling from from different angles," Anderson said. "Not just in the clubhouse, fans as well, a little bit of everybody. So the ultimate goal is try to dominate and get it back on.

"Pulling from the same string with everybody, including you."

Anderson noted Garfien and analyst Ozzie Guillen's influence on fans with their comments on the postgame show.

"If you're part of this you and you're one of our supporters and you see somebody struggling, that's like if you see your wife struggling or pat her on the back," Anderson said. "So that's kind of one of those things. We're all under the same umbrella.

"I think we should all be pulling from the same string and not tearing each other down and not tearing players down or we're gonna tear you down. So I think it's just one of those things we've got to support each other.

"We support you. We make ourselves (available) to you when you want to talk to us. So it was kind of one of those things that we all got to be on a positive string and pull from the same string. And I think we can be better as a whole."

Failing to live up to expectations in 2022 did cast a cloud over the season. The temperature of White Sox fans was palpable on social media, and at times drifted into toxic territory.

After an offseason with only a few moves, headlined by hiring Pedro Grifol and signing Andrew Benintendi, White Sox fans aren't necessarily brimming with optimism. 

PECOTA projections have the White Sox winning less games than last season.

And the White Sox' signing of Mike Clevinger has cast more negativity on the team when reports of domestic violence allegations came out after the fact. The White Sox said they were unaware of the allegations before signing Clevinger.

But Anderson is calling for more positivity and optimism around the team heading into the 2023 campaign.

And Tim Anderson's message is the energy around the team has an impact on the performance.

"If we're putting out positive energy, then positive energy is going to always follow us," Anderson said.

The season is a blank slate and anything can happen.

"We've got a great ball club," Anderson said.

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