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WATCH: White Sox win on controversial play at plate

The White Sox may have been gifted a W on Tuesday

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The White Sox won a thriller on Tuesday night, thanks to a clutch knock from Zach Remillard, good hustle from Elvis Andrus and maybe just a touch of good fortune. The pivotal moment was a play at the plate where Andrus was initially ruled out. Upon video review, it was determined that Rangers catcher Jonah Heim had impeded Andrus’ path to the plate. Therefore, it was catcher’s interference and the White Sox were awarded the run.

Take a look:

White Sox' Elvis Andrus was called out at home but the ruling was overturned in video review. Instead, Rangers' catcher Jonah Heim was called for a violation

After the game, the White Sox took the diplomatic approach of saying they thought it was a close play and they were happy it went their way.

Rangers manager Bruce Bochy was less diplomatic.

“For that call to be made, I’m dumbfounded,” Bochy said. “It’s absolutely one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen and it was done by replay. I just don't get it. I don't care how many times they'll try to explain it. You can't do that in that situation. It's a shame. It's embarrassing, really.

“There was never any contact with the catcher. It was a sweep tag. I don't get it. I really don't. Again, I'm shocked.”

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