WATCH: Yoan Moncada's music video is catchy and wonderful


Yoan Moncada is known for hitting the ball out of the park with his sweet swing, but his biggest hit of the summer may come thanks to his sweet dance moves. The White Sox third baseman released a music video for his single “Desastre Personal” on his YouTube page on Wednesday.

After watching the video you may be left with many, many questions. First, does Moncada really sing at all in the video? If so, wow he’s got some solid pipes! Second, what in the world is he wearing, and where can I find an outfit like that for myself? Third, will he keep the sweet new hairdo for the regular season?

But most importantly, how does this beach pop banger have only 6,600 plays on Spotify after it was released in November? While it may not be an extremely popular stream (yet), the song has made waves over the air. Moncada actually came in at No. 25 on Billboard’s Tropical Songs chart on Jan. 23 and Jan. 30.

The title “Desastre Personal” means “Personal Disaster.” But my basic Spanish skills couldn’t get me much farther than reading those two words, so I employed the help of a fluent friend to dig into the lyrics.

“It’s a love song, pretty standard,” he said. “I’ll go crazy without you, what would I do without you, etc.”

While Moncada might present himself as a hopeless romantic, Sox fans hope he can bounce back after a rough year at the plate 2020. If he can become a “personal disaster” for opposing pitchers again, then we may have an early candidate for this year’s “Don’t Stop Believing” on our hands.

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