Eloy Jimenez

Eloy Jiménez tries to make sense of ‘frustrating' hamstring injury

Jiménez is determined to figure out his overwhelming presence on the injured list

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Rounding third base for home against the Blue Jays on Tuesday, Eloy Jiménez tweaked his hamstring, limping his way back to the dugout.

The first thought that popped into his head was grim.

"Not again."

Jiménez has a tortured injury history in his five seasons with the White Sox. And he's already missed 12 games in April with a left adductor strain. But the injury bug came back to bite him yet again.

"That was the first day I felt 100% after IL," Jiménez told the media Saturday ahead of the White Sox-Orioles game. "And if you're asking me how to explain it to you, I don't know how. It just sucks."

Jiménez has been on the injured list eight times in his career. But he's missed games for over 20 different injuries, according to Fox Sports.

He played 120 games last season, which seemed like progress to his perennial injuries. In the three seasons before 2023, he played 84, 55 and 55 games in each season, respectively. His single-season record for games played is from his rookie year when he played 122 games.

Of course, when you've been injured as many times as Jiménez, one would start to question their recovery routine and even their luck. Like the rest of us, Jiménez is just as baffled.

"I always ask that question to myself because I think I've been doing what I'm supposed to be doing and it just happened," Jiménez said. "And at the end of the day, I just thank God. He gave me the opportunity to be here and work my a-- off every single day."

Jiménez mentioned him and the White Sox are looking into what could be causing his consistency on the injured list. GM Chris Getz mentioned on Friday the organization has looked inside and out to try and figure it out.

Interestingly, Jiménez thought initially he would only be out two or three weeks with the hamstring injury. But Getz said he'll be out 4-6 weeks.

It hasn't been an easy road for Jiménez, but he's determined to figure out how to stay on the field.

"It's frustrating, especially when I start to feel better at the plate," Jiménez said. "It sucks but like I said I'm not gonna sit here and feel sorry for myself. I'm just gonna keep working hard and see what happens.

"I know one day I'm gonna find the answer and this is gonna be just a bad dream."

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