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‘Shooting Incident' update: No gunshots reported from inside Guaranteed Rate Field

White Sox' Scott Reifert updated the media on the latest details from Friday's shooting incident

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The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Police Department are continuing to investigate after two fans in the left field bleachers were struck by gunfire from an unknown direction during Friday night's game against the Oakland Athletics.

One woman, 42, sustained a gunshot wound to the leg and was transported to the University of Chicago Medical Center. She is in fair condition, according to statements from the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago White Sox.

The other woman, 26, was grazed by a bullet in the abdomen. She refused medical attention but attended first aid in the ballpark, according to Vice President of Communications, Scott Reifert.

Reifort spoke with the media before Saturday's White Sox game with the latest updates on the situation, including the still unknown origin of the gunshots that wounded both fans.

"It's not clear where the bullet came from," Reifert said. "There are no reports of any gunshots in our ballpark. CPD continues to investigate and they'll let us know."

The incident occurred around the fourth inning during Friday night's game, Reifert said. The White Sox released a video of the incident, showing the victims' reaction. Fans nearby mildly reacted, further exemplifying the "random" and inconclusive nature of the event.

Following the game, the White Sox canceled the "I Love 90s Tour" concert they had scheduled. Vanilla Ice, Rob Base and Tone Loc were slated to perform.

White Sox officials confirmed the concert was canceled to allow Chicago police to investigate the incident.

Reifert also affirmed that CPD didn't feel there was an "active threat," allowing the game to continue. If they felt it was necessary, the police had the authority to stop the game but elected against taking action.

"Once they were on site (Chicago Police Department) they confirmed with our security and the feeling was there was no active threat and that the ball game could continue," Reifert said.

"That (the concert) was not canceled for any security concern. It was canceled so that CPD could go and investigate the area. They needed the lights to be on and they needed fans to be out of the area."

As it pertains to initial reports, some of which mentioned a third person being injured from the incident, that isn't necessarily true. A bullet ended up on the shirt of a third person but didn't inflict damage on his/her body, according to Reifert.

Reifert refused to say whether or not the White Sox heightened their security measures for Saturday's game or the future. It would defeat the purpose of informing the public of any extra precautions the White Sox may or may not have put in place.

However, Reifert reiterated his confidence in the team's security at the doors and around the stadium.

"We're very proud of our security and there are layers of security," Reifert said. "There were layers of security within feet of the incident last night. We certainly reviewed it (the security measures). We do after every incident."

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