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Tim Anderson trying to ‘continue working' after fight, 5-game suspension

The White Sox shortstop spoke with the media for the first time after the team's brawl with the Guardians

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Tim Anderson spoke with the media for the first time since the White Sox engaged in a brawl with the Guardians. The White Sox shortstop underlined what he said in his statement about the happenings of the fight.

"Emotions got the best of me. That happens," Anderson said on Friday.

Anderson got into a fight with José Ramírez after attempting to tag him out at second base. The two instigated a multi-round brawl that saw each team's bullpen and dugout clear.

Ramírez's suspension was recently reduced from three games to two as a result of the event. Anderson's suspension was also reduced by one game, from six to five games. He will start serving his suspension on Friday against the Rockies in Colorado.

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As the dust settled from the event, Anderson is trying to bring back his focus. He understands, however, he hasn't been the best leader in the clubhouse on account of his recent actions.

"I'm obsessed with continuing to keep getting better. Better player. Better person. Just understanding what I'm up against..." Anderson said. "I always try to lead by example but I haven't given a good example."

Parallel with the White Sox, Anderson has endured a frustrating year.

He suffered a knee injury early in the spring that set him back nearly a month. Before the season, he admitted personal issues he's suffered off the field. Now, amid a trade deadline sale for the team, Anderson admitted the fight could be pegged as a result of growing frustration.

What's been the most difficult part of handling the last couple of weeks?

"There's been a lot of noise," Anderson said. "Just trying to get to a spot where you can block out the noise. That has been a tough spot. But for the most part, I just continue to be me."

Anderson will have some time to reassess as he serves his suspension. He promises he'll be working in the background while the team pushes forward.

"Take this time off to just continue working. I'm definitely gonna continue working these next couple of days," Anderson said.

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