Luis Robert Jr.

Watch: Luis Robert Jr. hits ball twice in one swing

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Chicago White Sox outfielder Luis Robert Jr. has plenty of doubles in his big-league career, but we’d venture to guess that he doesn’t have too many hits like he got at Citi Field on Thursday.

Facing Jose Quintana in the first inning of the game against the New York Mets, Robert stepped to the plate with Tim Anderson on first base, and what first appeared to be a bloop single was something much wilder.

The slow-motion replay shows Robert initially hitting the ball near the handle of the bat, but due to the bat speed, he also ended up hitting the ball off the very top of the barrel, which propelled it just far enough to drop into left field for a hit.

It wasn’t the greatest start for Quintana, the former White Sox hurler who was making his debut with the Mets on Thursday, but he did manage to hold the South Siders to just one run in the inning.

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