White Sox Talk Podcast: Rick Hahn talks Eloy deal, Machado pursuit and White Sox offseason in 1-on-1 interview


Chuck Garfien sits down with White Sox general manager Rick Hahn in Arizona.

They talk about everything from Eloy Jimenez signing a long-term contract with the White Sox to missing out on Manny Machado. Hahn discusses how long a new deal with Jimenez had been in the works (5:10), if the contract talks affected Jimenez at the plate this spring (7:00), why it took so long for Manny Machado to sign (13:30), why they weren't willing to guarantee the last two years for Machado (16:00), what Hahn would say to skeptical White Sox fans who don't think White Sox will be able to sign a premium free agent (18:00), how the White Sox lost a deal this offseason because of a tweet (22:30), whether the worst part of the rebuild is in the past, (24:30) if the stakes are higher now for those on the major league club (27:20) and more.

Listen below or click this link to hear the latest episode:

White Sox Talk Podcast


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