White Sox Talk Podcast: Who do you have in your 2020 Opening Day White Sox lineup?


As opening day gets closer and closer on the 2020 White Sox season, the crew of Chuck Garfien, Ryan McGuffey, Vinnie Duber and Chris Kamka debate and discuss what they think the opening day lineup should look like. With all the new toys, is there a wrong way?

(3:00) - Who sets the tone at leadoff?

(7:29) - Who is batting second?

(11:24) - Who is locking down the 3-hole?

(14:02) - Cleanup hitter

(17:09) - Batting fifth is?

(20:00) - DH/ batting sixth?

(24:21) - seventh in the lineup

(28:59) - Who is batting eighth?

(32:26) - Rounding out the lineup at the nine spot

(39:02) - Who fills in?

Listen to the full episode in the embedded player below:

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