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Watch Phillies star Bryce Harper help New Jersey high schooler with promposal

Just another day of Bryce Harper being a legend.

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It feels like every single day we witness Bryce Harper doing something that showcases how lucky we are that he's a Phillie.

Often times, it's stepping up to the moment in a game, dropping quotes about how much he loves the city and fans, sporting a new piece of Phanatic gear at home … but this might just take the cake.

A video has gone viral of Harper helping a Haddonfield Memorial High School senior with a promposal.

The senior, Jake Portello, shared on Fox 29's "The Phantastic Sports Show" that he knocked on Harper's door to see if he could help him with the notion.

"I knocked on his door, he seemed cool with it at first. Then he was like, ‘Can I get your email so we can plan this out?’ As I was leaving he was like, ‘Why don’t we do this right now," Portello said.

The two proceeded to the doorstep of Jake's soon-to-be prom date's house, Giulia ... and Harper took the lead.

"Jake wants to ask you to prom, so I thought I'd help him out," Harper said. "So, will you go to prom with him?"

Giulia said yes and now she and Jake have what is easily the best promposal the tri-state area has ever seen.

An updated look at Harper's resume:

  • 2-time NL MVP
  • 7-time All-Star
  • 2022 NLCS MVP
  • Phanatic's best friend
  • Promposal wingman
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