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Bulls drop ‘The Hammer' with new team defensive award

Alex Caruso, Torrey Craig and DeMar DeRozan are winners of new team bonding recognition

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Winning creates spectacular vibes.

And the Bulls' current 9-4 stretch has led to a new team award that recognizes solid defense but also creates a healthy competition in a bonding format.

"Y'all don't know about it?" DeMar DeRozan asked, when queried about the large Thor-like hammer near his locker following Tuesday's victory over the Hawks. "Defensive Player of the last five games. We got this little thing going on."

Speaking to the good vibes nature, Patrick Williams, sitting at a locker nearby, jokingly said, "You couldn't wait to tell somebody."

DeRozan smiled.

"I've been the best defensive player the last five games," DeRozan said. "I don't know how they keep score or how they go about it with numbers. But I got the hammer. That's all I know. I'm Thor for the week.

"When we walk in the (practice) guy, there are these numbers up there that show deflections, other stuff. I don't know how they judge it. I just know I won."

DeRozan revealed Alex Caruso and Torrey Craig won the award before him. The award started about three weeks ago, coinciding with the Bulls' surge.

"It's just another challenge amongst players to be better defensively," DeRozan said. "Things like that, you take on the individual challenge. We see our numbers every day when we go in the practice gym. And you want to be better, for yourself and for your teammates. You take on that challenge. It's kind of been fun the last couple weeks. We all make fun of it with the hammer and everything. But I've been bragging about it ever since I got it."

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