Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond's powerful speech to young athletes is going viral

The Bulls' backup center shared a powerful message with young hoopers in a clip that's gone viral

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Andre Drummond knows firsthand how quickly a star can burn out.

In the offseason of 2016, the center signed a five-year $127 million contract with the Detroit Pistons.

Seven years later, the two-time All-Star has just opted into a contract with the Bulls, where he’ll earn roughly $3.3 million next season.

Drummond, now 29 years old, did not take his descent from franchise cornerstone to mid-level exception bench player in stride.

In a recent clip that’s gone viral, Drummond referenced his mistakes to send a powerful message to a group of young basketball players he’s been coaching this offseason.

“To be pouting on the bench, making faces, not cheering your f---ing teammates on when we’re down eight the entire game, come back and go up by three, and you’re not celebrating that,” Drummond said. “I’m gonna tell you something. Fellas, I was that guy. I was a $100 million guy. I was pouting. I was upset when I wasn’t playing. And I had a bad attitude. I went from $100 million to a f---ing league minimum...

“... They don’t care how many rebounds you get. How many threes you make. They care about you being as a person. Are you a good teammate? Are you a good locker room guy? Are you someone they can count on each and every night? You play 100 percent every single time you step on that f---ing floor. Consistency, fellas. Consistency.”

It’s a lesson Drummond learned the hard way as his value sharply declined. Flaws in his game affected his market appeal, but his effort and attitude certainly did, too.

Now entering his 12th NBA season, Drummond has become a great example of what it looks like to accept your role and give it your all.

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