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Bulls' Josh Giddey declines comment on closed investigations into off-court matter

Guard drew police, league attention for allegations of relationship with underage female

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New Chicago Bulls guard Josh Giddey declined to comment Tuesday when asked what he had learned following investigations by the Newport Beach (Calif.) police department and NBA for allegations that the then-Thunder player had an inappropriate relationship with an underage female.

Newport Beach police announced in January that it had been "unable to corroborate any criminal activity" following a since-deleted post on social media from an anonymous user claiming a girl photographed with Giddey was underage. The NBA closed its separate investigation last month, saying it found insufficient evidence to levy disciplinary action.

"Completely understand the question and I know you’ve got to ask as part of your job," Giddey said during his virtual news conference on Tuesday. "But I’m not going to comment on anything regarding that situation."

In a separate question asking Giddey to elaborate on his comment that last season represented a trying one for him, the guard focused more on his changing role and on-court fit for an Oklahoma City Thunder team that exceeded expectations.

"I think there are a lot of things that go into an NBA season. There’s a lot of distractions, whether it’s outside noise or internal change. I think for me, a lot of it came internally. A lot of it came from how good our team got and how much we evolved as a group," Giddey said. "My role, I don’t want to say it diminished. But it was different from the first two years I had. It was a big adjustment for me learning to play off the ball. Obviously, I got guarded a lot differently just from the lineup we had."

Giddey is eligible for an extension of his rookie contract until the start of the 2024-25 season but said fitting in with his new organization is his more immediate goal.

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