Matas Buzelis

Matas Buzelis switches jersey number. Here's what he's wearing now for the Bulls

Buzelis initially went for double zeroes

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Bulls rookie Matas Buzelis is changing his jersey number before officially donning the uniform.

Initially, Buzelis selected No. 00, which would've given the Bulls triple zeroes with Coby White. Now, he's switching it up to No. 14, the Bulls announced on Monday.

Buzelis wore No. 13 with the G-League Ignite last season. He's remaining close to that number with the Bulls. On Tuesday, the Bulls posted a video of Buzelis reacting to seeing his jersey for the first time.

"That's tough," Buzelis said. "That fourteen. Nah, bro, that's fire. Get a good look at that. Go Bulls, man. Go Bulls!"

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