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What is ‘flopping'? Here's what new flopping rule means for NBA, Bulls

Analyzing the new flopping rule in the NBA and its effect on the 2023-24 season

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The NBA's board of governors approved two new rules ahead of the 2023-24 season. First, a second coach's challenge if the first is successful.

Second, an in-game flopping penalty.

A non-unsportsmanlike technical foul can be deemed on a player by a referee who calls an in-game flop. The flop called on the offending players' team will earn the opposing team a free throw. Referees don't have to stop play to call a flop; they can wait until the next stop in live action, if needed, to make the call.

One caveat -- possession does not change and flopping violations cannot be directly reviewed from a coach's challenge. They can, however, be added to a call from a different play.

The current flopping penalties will stay in place, too, synonymous with that of a technical foul. Players will be charged $2,000 for each technical foul, now including flopping violations. The fine will increase for repeated offenses.

The flopping violation will run on a one-year trial for next season, with a decision on its effectiveness required next offseason.

How will this rule affect the NBA? The Bulls?

The NBA is trying to cut down on flopping, a measure taken by players in an attempt to draw a charging violation on opposing teams. Without the required physical force necessary to uphold a charge, players will mimic the force needed without contact to sell a foul.

The decision to eradicate flopping is a fan-centric move, as most NBA heads complain about the inordinate amount of acting in NBA games. Real contact deserves real rewards, not fake. The move to put it into question was unanimous, too.

As for the Bulls, they owned the sixth-most charges in the NBA last season, grabbing 52. Alex Caruso led the way with 14 charges (not counting Patrick Beverley's 21 on the season).

This doesn't mean the Bulls are in trouble for flopping violations. Simply, they attempt a lot of charges, which could put them in danger of a violation if they don't accrue the necessary contact.

Play smart, and the Bulls will be fine in this area.

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