Zach LaVine

Zach LaVine participating in MLB All-Star celebrity softball game

The game takes place in Seattle, LaVine's hometown

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Zach LaVine is participating in the MLB All-Star celebrity softball game in Seattle, LaVine's hometown, on July 8.

The first wave of participants was announced on Friday, with LaVine listed.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, considering the two-time NBA All-Star told NBC Sports Chicago his backup plan -- instead of the NBA -- would be playing in the big leagues.

"Professional baseball player. Automatically," LaVine told K.C. Johnson in March when asked about his career backup plans. "Probably centerfield for the Angels. Ah, no, Mike Trout is there. Left field for the Angels."

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His primary talents are on the court. He's one of the league's most talented scorers and the bearer of two All-Star nods.

But, according to LaVine, he could switch over to the major league baseball outfield if he wanted.

"(I was a) five-tool player," LaVine said. "Power. Speed. Great glove. Good arm strength. Not the most accurate arm. That’s why they moved me to center field. I was at third base. Little bit too inaccurate for them. Had good pop."

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