Bulls Outsiders Podcast: Scary times


On this edition of the Bulls outsiders podcast, Matt Peck, Dave Watson, and John Sabine react to the Bulls' 117-111 loss in Cleveland Wednesday night.

00:01:10 How scared are you of this Bulls start after 5 games?

00:06:13 Reaction to Jim Boylen's postgame press conference. Mental toughness? Physical toughness? What are we talking about?

00:09:43 Why don't the Bulls play through Zach LaVine as much as last season?

00:16:50 Boylen let Kris Dunn (6'4") take a jump ball against 6'9" Larry Nance Jr.

00:19:05 Derrick Rose is coming back (again) to play at the United Center Friday night. Would the Bulls be better with D. Rose on the roster?

00:24:25 KAT FIGHT! Embiid and Towns throw down.

00:26:09 Do the Bulls have a "fighter"?

Listen to the full podcast here or via the embedded player below:

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