Hawks use inbounds play from Bulls 2015 playoffs


Hawks assistant coach Joe Prunty has seen this movie already. 

The longtime NBA assistant coach was once the assistant to Jason Kidd during his four-season run as the Bucks' head coach from 2014-18. 

Back in the 2015 Bulls-Bucks playoff series, during the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, it was Prunty who drew up the same play to defeat the Bulls, 92-90, in regulation on a winning layup from Jarryd Bayless. 

Coach Gibson Pyper, the owner of "Halfcourt Hoops" YouTube and Twitter breakdowns, analyzed the play to perfection and drew comparisons to each play. 

The play, in short, uses three players on the floor at the three-point arc to avoid weak side help for the singular player,  who makes a back door cut at the hoop and awaits a lob pass from the inbounder. 

Back in 2015, it was Chris Copeland passing to Bayless against Derrick Rose. On Sunday night, it was sophomore Jalen Johnson inbounding to rookie A.J Griffin against Derrick Jones Jr., who ironically sunk the free throw to push the game to overtime. 

Griffin made an incredibly athletic, body-twisting play on the lob in the middle of the paint to sneak the ball in the hoop with 0.5 seconds left in overtime. This was after DeMar DeRozan sunk three straight free throws on the other end from a Bogdan Bogdanović foul. 

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According to the video, Prunty drew up the play in 2015, and he persuaded head coach Nate McMillan to use the same set after their first inbounds play failed, forcing the Hawks to call timeout.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on the Bulls. 

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