Kendall Gill rips Bucks, NBA over Grayson Allen foul


NBC Sports Chicago Bulls analyst Kendall Gill had strong words for the Milwaukee Bucks and NBA in the wake of the league suspending Grayson Allen one game for the flagrant foul that fractured Alex Caruso's right wrist.

"Ray Charles could see that was intentional. That's some BS, man," Gill said during Bulls Pregame Live in advance of a matchup between the Bulls and Orlando Magic.

While Billy Donovan said he understood Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer and multiple Milwaukee players backing Allen in the last 48 hours, Gill wasn't a fan of that dynamic, either.

"You guys (the Bucks) gotta call that stuff out," Gill continued. "Like, you heard Billy Donovan say he could have possibly ended Alex Caruso's career on that play. And don't tell me it was a hard foul, a hard play on the ball. Because, one, OK, the left hand, I understand. That happens. But when you come with the right hand, and it was almost like a slap, and it wasn't towards the basketball, it was actually towards Alex Caruso's head.

"This guy (Allen) has a history of playing dirty. So say what it is Milwaukee Bucks. I kind of lost some respect for those guys right there. You're not telling the truth... You gotta say, 'Listen, Grayson Allen has to learn how to play. We can't tolerate that in our game.'"

Gill also disagreed with the NBA's ruling of a one-game suspension for Allen, which will cost him roughly $28,000.

"I totally disagree with the one-game suspension," Gill said. "I thought that he should have gotten at least four or five. Because now it's just a slap on the wrist. This guy's making $10 million a year (Allen makes $4 million this season before a two-year, $18.7 million extension kicks in in 2022, according to Spotrac)...

"A one-game suspension is just a slap on the wrist. He might do this again, because he knows all I'm gonna get is one game."

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